Dario Argento brings us a chilling giallo film like only the true master can. A series of grisly murders in the city match the work of a serial killer who appears to have escaped the authorities and disappeared without a trace seventeen years earlier. A retired police detective (Max von Sydow) who is familiar with the case comes out of retirement to catch the killer. (Kino Lorber)


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English Dario Argento is a filmmaker whose lapses in logic could – given the genre – always be forgiven. What happens in this film, however, boggles the mind. Add in the truly retarded dialogue, the drowsy, obviously bored Max von Sydow reciting silly monologues without understanding them, the occasional inappropriate humor and finally the tacky splatter murders using worse effects than in Italian B-movies from the 1980s. If it weren’t for the great opening scene in the train, a few effective long shots and two good jump scares, it would have merited one star. ()

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