Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

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When Dr. Henry Jekyll attempts to find an elixir of life he accidentally stumbles upon a formula which transforms him into a gorgeous but evil woman who calls herself the widowed Mrs Hyde. Somewhat disdained by the female transformation but aroused by the power it brings, Jekyll can't but help to continue his experiments. As the evil Hyde starts brutally murdering women to get the female hormones she needs Jekyll's alter ego soon grows too powerful. As the fight is on to discover who is behind the Whitechapel murders which of Jekyll's alter-egos will end up on top? (StudioCanal UK)


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English The British horror film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde will take you back to a slightly different time, a time when horror was made in a slightly different way. It also has a pleasant retro style, it's well shot and it's really sexy in places. Martin Beswick is simply doing his thing in this regard. It is great to watch, and the story isn’t boring either. I have to say that Hammer Studio has quite a few treasures I haven't seen yet. ()

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