An American rock star teams up with a scientist's daughter to rescue her father before the enemy can force him to make a devastating weapon. (official distributor synopsis)

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English A decent parody with Nazis and likeable Val Kilmer, where the first hour does not bring any big outbreaks of laughter, but the final 20 minutes are awesome, too bad it didn't come earlier. 6.5/10. ()


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English Is this film really that little known? An excellent parody from three of the most accomplished and iconic filmmakers. It may not reach the quality of The Naked Gun or Hot Shots, but it’s still a guarantee of relentless and smart entertainment. The story aims at everything and everyone with admirable precision and the action build-up is one of the best ever in the genre. The only thing that prevents me from going full blast is the knowledge that if I were to watch it three or four times, the experience won't be so good as with its aforementioned genre siblings. ()


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