After helping to pull off a heist, gangster Walker (Lee Marvin) is double-crossed and left for dead by his friend Reese (John Vernon). Two years later he reappears in Los Angeles and sets about retrieving his share of the money. When he discovers that Reese gave all of the loot to a crime organisation to which he was indebted, Walker, assisted by his sister-in-law Chris (Angie Dickinson), targets each of the syndicate's leaders who are reluctant to cough up the dough. (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)


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English Absolutely unique film that will remind you again that a film doesn't have to be just a simple recording of what happens in front of the camera, but it is possible to connect the musical, or rather the entire sound component with the visual one. "Without Hesitation" has a plot, but that is somewhat secondary because the focus is on how the image and sound are presented. This creates a great impression. Unfortunately, the fact that the plot is somewhat forgotten gradually becomes more and more evident towards the end. It's a shame because otherwise it would be an incredible film. ()

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