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Animation / Short
Czechoslovakia, 1946, 15 min

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English A short film from Jiří Trnka's workshop has an interesting structure. It begins as a live-action film with a single actor - František Filipovský - who has just finished writing a play called "Dárek" (The Gift). This very play then comes to life as an animated film. Jiří Trnka and his animators play wonderfully with the format and show how drawing has a overlap between animation and art on paper. Additionally, there is an excellent story with great ideas that you won't see just anywhere. The drawing itself, which occasionally lacks an outline, is unique. It's a beautiful example of how a story and characters can be portrayed in a short space and through animation. And on top of that, "Dárek" is also funny. ()


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English An absolutely excellent symbiosis of action and animation. Moreover, František Filipovský is acting in a color film quite early on. It’s a funny idea with a great point. And of course, a kitten in the lead role never hurts. ()