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Following the death of her estranged father (Peter Mullan), Iris (Freya Allan) learns she has inherited a run-down, centuries-old pub. She travels to Berlin to identify her father's body and meet with The Solicitor (Ned Dennehy) to discuss the estate. Little does she know, when the deed is signed she will become inextricably tied to an unspeakable entity that resides in the pub's basement - Baghead - a shape-shifting creature that can transform into the dead. Two thousand in cash for two minutes with the creature is all it takes for desperate loved ones to ease their grief. Neil (Jeremy Irvine), who has lost his wife, is Iris' first customer. Like her father, Iris is tempted to exploit the creature's powers and help desperate people for a price. But she soon discovers breaking the two-minute rule can have terrifying consequences. Together with her best friend Katie (Ruby Barker), Iris must battle to keep control of Baghead and figure out how to destroy her, before she destroys them. (StudioCanal)


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English Very, very bad. I'm surprised that the ratings here are quite high above 50 percent. Sterile and unimaginative direction, a painful script (dull characters, confusing rules, predictable twist). Baghead strikes me as an amateurish film whose makers have somewhere scrounged just enough money to give it at least a technically decent facade. ()


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English I was actually quite surprised. It's definitely the more acceptable mainstream for me, not as obnoxiously generic and clichéd as say Night Swim or Imaginary, but going for a slightly different route that's reminiscent of the recent Talk to Me. A girl inherits an ancient house from her father that hides a secret in the basement, there's a witch who has the ability to turn into someone dead, but only for a certain amount of time and there are rules to follow. The look of the creature is great, technically the film is on the level, I was intrigued by the whole mythology around the witch (I have more affection for them than for ghosts), the scares don't work and it's not scary, but it's quite suspenseful, it's not boring and the ending is definitely unexpected. Decent. 6/10. ()


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