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Opening in Cinemas

The Red Shoes (1948)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

The Peasants (2023)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

Trenque Lauquen (2022)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

Earth Mama (2023)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

The Inseparables (2023)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

Anselm (2023)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain (2023)

on 08/12/2023 08/12

Smyrna (2021)

on 04/12/2023 04/12

Welcome to the Darkness (2023)

on 04/12/2023 04/12

Only on Streaming

My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) (series)


The Archies (2023)


NAGA (2023)


Analog Squad (2023) (series)


World War II: From the Frontlines (2023) (series)


Boom Boom Bruno (2023) (series)


Platform 7 (2023) (series)


Soundtrack #1 - Season 2 (2023) (season)


Blood Coast (2023) (series)


New on Blu-ray

Four of the Apocalypse (1975)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Love Me Tonight (1932)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

The Care Bears Movie (1985)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

The Fall of Ako Castle (1978)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Honor Among Lovers (1931)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Desire (1936)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Quigley Down Under (1990)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Stigmata (1999)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Red Rock West (1993)

from 11/12/2023 11/12

Dialóg 20-40-60 (1968)

from 11/12/2023 11/12



New Reviews by TOP Users



An enjoyable feel good genre film from high school. It lacks proper humour, but is likeable, lively, nicely shot and fast paced. The girls start a fight club in high… (more)

Talk to Me

MarigoldTalk to Me(2023)

Talk to the hand, or combine an idiotic viral TikTok challenge, a metaphor for drugs, a drama about mourning and a horror movie about possession and you have the genre… (more)

The Marsh King's Daughter

MrHladThe Marsh King's Daughter(2023)

Helena grew up as a child in the woods where her father kidnapped her mother. Now in her thirties, she's pulled herself together, but when she finds out her dad has… (more)

The Boy and the Heron

JFLThe Boy and the Heron(2023)

The older Miyazaki gets, the less literal and linear his work becomes, the less regard he has for classic narrative concepts and the more he makes films solely for… (more)

Godzilla Minus One

LimaGodzilla Minus One(2023)

Gojira as a serious war drama? Yes, a return to the classic roots of the first two episodes. It's a terrible shame that most people associate the brand with Hollywood's… (more)

New Reviews by Progressing Users

The Fabelmans

MrHladThe Fabelmans(2022)

Sammy Fabelman loves cinema. Together with his friends and family he makes small amateur films and dreams of becoming a director. But then, through his hobby, he… (more)

Největší dar

MrHladNejvětší dar(2022)

Morana, the goddess of winter, has decided to rule forever, and people are in for a bad time. Will the other Slavic gods, led by their ruler Svarožic and the goddess of… (more)

Violent Night

MrHladViolent Night(2022)

A gang of killers decide to ruin Christmas for a dysfunctional family and only Santa Claus can save them, and the chubby bearded guy is definitely not afraid of violence… (more)

Avatar: The Way of Water

MrHladAvatar: The Way of Water(2022)

James Cameron once again shows Hollywood who is the king of blockbuster movies. Despite its three-hour running time, Avatar 2 is entertaining from beginning to end, with… (more)



Will Smith plays a slave flees to freedom and his family. A swamp of danger awaits him, with Ben Foster breathing down his neck, but his desire for freedom is stronger… (more)

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