Young Plichta arrives to serve out an apprenticeship on a country estate where the count has sternly decreed that officials may not marry. However, on the way Plichta met and fell in love with Jiřina Krátká, and he intends to marry her. The petty official Ráček and fellow apprentice Ptáček are also interested in Jiřina. All officials have prospective brides who they call ladies in waiting. News of the count's death therefore causes a great flurry - twelve weddings are planned at once. Jiřina, wanting to tease Plichta, promises her hand to Ráček. Plichta then tells Ráček that the new baron only loves married women. Word gets out and all the newly weds vow vengeance on the baron. When the baron arrives at the estate, all the women are enchanted by him. The baron decides to arrange a festivity in their honour. The men are scandalised and resolve to protect their wives from the charming "seducer". Plichta confesses to the baron that he told lies about him and that this caused all the commotion. The baron, greatly amused, forgives Plichta and raises the salaries of all young clerks on the estate. (official distributor synopsis)