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EvilPhoEniXThe Taste of Things(2023) 

A wonderful film about cooking from historic France. The story is set in 1870 and the main character, considered the Napoleon of the culinary arts, cooks for his influential friends with Eugenie, who is his cook but… (more)

GoldbeaterThe Taste of Things(2023) 

From the outside, The Taste of Things is practically the pinnacle of a genre that could be called simply “gastro-porn”. At its core, however, it is also a film that touches on so many interesting and thoughtful themes… (more)

Ivi06The Taste of Things(2023) 

This is one big caress to the soul. A beautiful ode to French cuisine, the French language and to love itself. The opening twenty minute or so cooking scene is a masterpiece, so be warned, don't watch it hungry :D In… (more)