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A man brings his dog back to life after it is killed by a car. (official distributor synopsis)

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English When watching Frankenweenie, it's hard not to think about how much I love Tim and how much I enjoy a certain typical mood, which can get be inserted into any kind of nonsense... From a certain point of view, this is 29 minutes of Disney drivel with a sentimental ending, but from my point of view, it's Burton's pure soul and clear tracks – work with the atmosphere betrays the master. Visual referencing of Frankenstein sensitively transposed into infantile notes can also be attributed to the great skills of the magician Tim... I truly enjoyed the complete work, which has feeling for gentle humor, morbidity, exaggeration... and in general, why break it down when Tim filmed it exactly for me? Five stars on the tomb. ()


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English It was nice, but I don't blame Disney for its decision at the time. Of course, this is a must regarding the new version, and I won't be upset if Tim's other origins are revived in this way. Of course, they should have kept the gag with the exercising Barbie in the new version. ()



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English Yes, this is a cute short that is a variation of the horror genre legend named Frankenstein. At the same time, it is a film from the beginning of the career of the famous director and animator Tim Burton, who clearly indicated the direction of his work, i.e., comically tuned fantastic stories, where he can unleash his artistic talents and creatively utilize his animator's craft. However, when compared to his more mature works, such as Sleepy Hollow, it still has its flaws. It simply isn't as well-developed, despite a few clever ideas. Furthermore, if I compare this film to his Alice in Wonderland, which is frequently criticized for its excessive friendliness toward Disney Studios in every other review, the influence of the producer is even more pronounced here, and there is no trace of the darkness and fate of the horror source material. It is simply a cute little film treat for the whole family. Overall impression: 65%. ()


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English A fascination with death apparent from even his earliest days – that's Tim Burton. His rise to the later peak of his career with Edward Scissorhands is not lacking in humor, a multitude of ideas and references, and a magical multiple finale. Unfortunately, it is missing something, perhaps more originality. ()

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