In a future where those who die prematurely can be resurrected from backups of their minds, a murder case leads a detective to unsettling discoveries. (Netflix)

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English The very first shot with Zimmer-esque music is stunning, taking into account that this is a Czech film. The monumental exterior sets with great design, including the cars, holograms and digital images, are world-class in Restore Point. With respect to the plot, it wouldn’t matter that it is merely a crime movie in a sci-fi setting. So was Minority Report. The film’s handicap lies in the attempt to keep the viewer in constant suspense by incessantly and often needlessly conveying the plot through dialogue, dialogue and more dialogue. Without being drawn into the story in an original and more impactful way, I was unwilling (and, at a night-time festival screening after a full day, unable) to take it all in. Next time, the filmmakers should come up with a more original subject, cut down on the chatter and balance the slower passages with getting to know the characters, and the result will be great. Like a movie franchise with the same female detective. She is well cast, easy on the eyes and her character is well suited to further development. [Karlovy Vary International Film Festival] ()


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English Restore Point is a bold and ambitious venture in Czech cinema, and I am glad that they embarked on it – even though the plot is a compilation of older foreign pieces. With its premise, Robert Hloz's film evoked projects like Black Mirror or Minority Report, while also having a strong cyberpunk feel. Despite these obvious influences, I enjoyed the film immensely in the cinema. Andrea Mohylová, unknown to me, played the main role perfectly, and Jan Vlasák and Milan Ondrík were the most appealing among the other characters. I wish Czechia made more films like this would be made regularly (once every few years), which could stand comparison with foreign productions. ()



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English A random collection of futuristic wallpapers surrounded by robotic characters, wooden dialogue and an utterly stupid plot devoid of psychology and a basic characterization of the world. In terms of narrative, Restore Point is on the level of a made-for-TV detective movie. The emphasis on design elevates it slightly, but this post-autopsy Blade Runner and post-trepanation Minority Report can’t be taken too seriously. ()


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English In terms of production design, special effects and the depiction of the atmosphere and functioning of its world, Restore Point is definitely one of the most remarkable achievements in the field of Czech cinema in recent years. It's a shame, however, that all this is undermined by a rather generic plot and a half-baked screenplay, which, when you strip away the visual trappings, offers nothing more than a banal TV-style crime drama, plus variations on motifs you've seen in other, often better films (Minority Report comes to mind). I appreciate the effort, but it could have been much more polished. [KVIFF 2023] ()


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English A traditional Czech crime drama set in a nice sci-fi world with a touch of Blade Runner, but with few visual attractions. The actors didn't impress me (although the female lead is likeable), the plot didn't entertain me at all, the film absolutely failed to draw me into the plot and it was quite difficult to keep my attention. I was rooting for it because it’s something a little different, but when it's boring as hell, it's a wasted effort. It will find fans, it missed me. 4/10. ()

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