• USA Celebrity (more)
USA, 1998, 113 min

Directed by:

Woody Allen


Woody Allen


Sven Nykvist


Celia Weston, Hank Azaria, Sam Rockwell, Kenneth Branagh, Donald Trump, Judy Davis, Aleksa Palladino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Melanie Griffith, Famke Janssen (more)
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Following their divorce, the lives of a restless writer and his inhibited ex-wife take off in outrageously unpredictable directions! While Lee (Kenneth Branagh) explores the wilder side of his newfound freedom, Robin (Judy Davis) begins an improbable transformation from neurotic schoolteacher to high-profile T.V. talk show host! (official distributor synopsis)


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English Certainly not Allen's best film, but still a decent and above-average comedy, which unlike the director's older comedies stuffed with one-liners, manages to get by with capturing the glamorous and warped world of celebrity society. I didn't miss Woody not being in the film, as Kenneth Branagh was able to perfectly substitute him. Overall impression: 75%. ()


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English Celebrity is one of Woody Allen's weaker films for me, which is a real shame because the cast alone made me think it was going to be an acting tour de force. Unfortunately, it didn't happen in any significant way. Kenneth Branagh is a good actor, and here his character reminded me a bit of Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita, a journalist who captures celebrities who are just as naughty as he is. Leonardo DiCaprio is probably the one that irritated me the most, I like him, but here his short-tempered character really got on my nerves. And even though it was a comedy, I probably only had fun during Branagh's school reunion, and that’s far from enough. In short, a film that may be for a different audience than me, because I can't explain it any other way. ()


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