Kingdom - Season 5

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Japan, 2024, 5 h 12 min (Length: 24 min)


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English The fifth season may have been shorter than my usual expectations, but it left me thoroughly satisfied. It showed what kind of general Shin wants to be, revealing the trials his unit faced, and most importantly, his evolving perspective on warfare. What gripped me most was the stark contrast between Shin's army and Kan Ki's forces — what they were willing to sacrifice for victory, the ingenious methods an army of former bandits could conjure, and the chilling realities of war that they brought. This series truly shines in portraying the moral dilemmas of war. Although it is clear who you're supposed to root for, I found myself torn between Shin's idealism and Kan Kiho's pragmatic approach, which felt more grounded in the historical context. The final episode didn't disappoint either. Ei Sei's vision for uniting the seven kingdoms and his impassioned speech struck a chord, making his quest for unification all the more compelling. His emotional appeal made perfect sense, and I continued to find myself rooting for his cause. Of course, we can't forget the epic battles, led by generals driven by intriguing motivations. This time, the focus on forested terrain with hills added another layer of strategic depth, with devious deceptions keeping me on the edge of my seat. Overall, Season 5 delivered another excellent experience for me. 9/10 ()