The Borderlands

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Elliot Goldner directs this British horror following a team of specialists from the Vatican who are drawn to a remote West Country church by reports of mysterious occurrences in the area. Though Father Crellick (Luke Neal) has video footage of items apparently being moved around inside the church by supernatural forces, Deacon (Gordon Kennedy) and Father Mark Amidon (Aidan McArdle) are sceptics by nature and want more conclusive evidence. They duly set up more cameras inside the ancient building, but are the scratching noises coming from inside the walls a source of greater concern? (Metrodome Distribution)


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English In the first half (or rather, the first two acts), it’s a rather uninteresting, though well made and acted found-footage borefest, interrupted by only a couple of scenes with a little mystery and about two effective but cheap jump-scares. It finally gets interesting in the last act, where the atmosphere thickens and the last two night sequences really scared me. I also liked the last scene with its rather unexpected black humour, even if I wouldn’t laugh very much if I was one of the characters. I’m not jumping in joy, but it deserves a weak three stars for the ending. ()

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