In this period romance based on Agnes von Kurowsky's diary account of her brief liaison with a young Ernest Hemingway, the future novelist is injured while working for the Red Cross in Italy in WWI. Upon entering the hospital, the brash American falls in love with Agnes, his saintly nurse, and vows to make her love him in return. Adapted from the 1989 novel, "Hemingway in Love and War," the film chronicles the events upon which Hemingway based his own novel, the 1929 masterpiece "A Farewell to Arms." (official distributor synopsis)


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English This is weak. In the 90s, perhaps it was an attractive romance on the subject of Hemingway and Agnes von Kurowská, but today it’s just a memory of the years when such a serious subject was given to the likes of Chris O'Donnell or Sandra Bullock. It’s better to devote your time to the 1932 novel "A Farewell to Arms" or its first adaptation with Gary Cooper. Quality is guaranteed in these two works. ()

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