Based on a true story, C.S. Lewis is a world-renowned writer and professor. Unmarried, he leads a gentleman's life filled by intellectual pursuits, remaining untouched by any great passion until he meets Joy Gresham. Joy is a feisty, abrasive New York divorcee whose sharp-edged, no-nonsense attitudes take Lewis by surprise. Slowly he opens his heart to this woman, and their romance shatters the walls of his cloistered world. (official distributor synopsis)


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English For many, C. S. Lewis is "just" the author of "The Chronicles of Narnia." The second group, on the other hand, pays attention mostly to all of his work except Narnia. I wish that Shadowlands had contributed to the symbiosis of both perspectives. We have everything in perfect harmony, the old wardrobe in the attic, and joy in the heart. ()


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English A compelling romantic melodrama charting the character of C.S. Lewis as a somewhat bitter and inexperienced professor who puts most of his energy into his role as a teacher, or writer, with his personal life slipping through his fingers, but that is about to change. It's a pleasant film, especially for more emotionally mature viewers. It doesn't preach, it doesn't throw unnecessary wisdom and it doesn't have a strong opinion on the situations and existential dilemmas unfolding before the viewer's eyes. Apart from the actors' performances, the gradual personality transformation of Lewis is also worth noticing - bit by bit, shot by shot. These heartfelt stories are mostly stuck somewhere in the 1990s, where they have a place and an immortal stamp of timelessness, and Shadowlands is a prime example. Only Anthony Minghella was able to keep repeating it and that was some time ago. ()


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