Safely in the protection of the witness relocation program, Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson)'s cover looks to be blown when he runs in to his old girlfriend Marianne (Goldie Hawn). When he finds out that his whereabouts have also been leaked by a double-crossing FBI agent to Eugene Sorenson (David Carradine), the man Rick helped put away, he and Marianne find themselves on the run as drug baron Eugene seeks his revenge. (Fabulous Films)


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English It’s silly, but with some quite funny moments and a likable central couple. It's a pity that John Badham's direction isn't very dazzling, so many of the action scenes (of which there are many) are similarly derivative to the script, and all the miraculous dodging of bullets and buckshot feels rather futile. Both Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn have made much better comedies... But David Carradine and Bill Duke aren't going after them in any of them. ()

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