Seven short stories illustrating the answers to such crucial questions as “Do aphrodisiacs work?”, “What are sex perverts?” and “What happens during ejaculation?” via a wide range of settings including medieval Britain, present-day Manhattan, an Italy straight out of an Antonioni film and a mad scientist’s underground laboratory, before Allen anticipates Pixar’s Inside Out by over four decades as he explores the inside of a man’s brain (and other areas) at a crucial moment of passion. (Arrow Academy)


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English The tales involving the jester and the queen, the perverted TV competition, the giant breast attack and what happens inside a man during sex were absolutely flawless. The rest could have been a bit funnier (for example, the story with the sheep was saved by the excellent Gene Wilder), but I still had more than a good time with it. And Cole Porter singing in the credits... What more could you want? ()


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English This film does not reach the depth of movies like Manhattan or Annie Hall, nor is it as comedically polished as Love and Death. However, it is thanks to this film that Allen was able to make all the aforementioned films. It is noticeably better than his previous films, and although it is not as consistent and has weaker moments, as is common with anthology films, the stronger moments more than make up for it. Even by the standards of the sexual revolution in the United States, its theme and execution were very shocking to audiences and critics at the time of its release. It is important to realize that the film industry in the US usually reacts to societal events with a significant delay. I really like the scene with the group of horny Boy Scouts preparing to defile an innocent girl, as well as the final story with Allen as a sperm, where the human body is portrayed as a factory and the brain as a headquarters with managers who, for example, issue orders to come up with excuses in case of failure during sexual intercourse. Overall impression: 85%. ()



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English In some of the stories, filled with genius; in others, filled with uncertainty and imbalance. And for the most part the deciding factor is whether or not Woody Allen appears in the lead role. Among the gems are the aphrodisiacs, the parodies of mad scientists, and above all, an analysis of ejaculation, while stuff like the sodomy with a sheep was not successful at all and was only embarrassing with its lack of humor. Thematically one of the director's most extensive works, which is definitely not for everyone, and all those who do not like the Master because he "dabbles in sex and relationships" will truly enjoy it here. ()


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English The only really funny stories are the first and the last one, the rest swing between cringe (often) and mild amusement (seldom). I can’t say that Woody Allen is my cup of tea, but I’ve quite liked a couple of his films; this one, though, was a massive disappointment, especially considering the cult status it has. ()

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