The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

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Professor Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) and Count Dracula (John Forbes-Robinson) meet again in this spectacular kung fu horror set in the village of Ping Kuei. After learning about the seven golden vampires of the village, Hsi Ching, Vanessa Buren and Mai Kwei offer to guide Van Helsing and his son to Ping Kwei to free it from the curse of Count Dracula. Throughout their journey, the group encounter several unwanted attackers until they arrive at the golden vampires’ derelict temple, inhabited by Dracula. It is here, in this eerie place, where Van Helsing and the Count begin a battle-to-the death where good and evil collide, and only one man is left standing. (Signal One Entertainment)


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English After 1968, there was no more interest in the productions of the legendary Hammer studio. Apparently, in an effort to attract new audiences, they joined forces six years later with a studio as close to Hammer horror films as Dolph Lundgren is to character acting: Shawn Brothers. The result could be nothing but a strange mix of kung-fu brawlers and vampire themes, and neither works here. The fight choreography isn't great and the vampires are only lightly touched upon. Hammer's cult star Peter Cushing looks like he's thinking "God, what kind of shite have I got myself into again!" the whole time, and Dracula is played by a guy who lacks even a tenth of Christopher Lee's charisma. The overall result is so awkward that it didn't attract new fans to Hammer, and may have discouraged die-hard fans. It’s a shame. ()


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English Hammer Films decided to revive its moribund Dracula franchise and its generally declining horror brand, so it joined forces with Hong Kong studio Shaw Brothers, which was at the height of its popular kung fu films at the time. The result is a somewhat heavy-handed gothic kung fu horror film that nonetheless delivers everything you could want from this cultural fusion of two disparate film traditions. So fans of the aforementioned companies will be satisfied, especially those who want to see Professor Van Helsing, Dracula (sadly without Christopher Lee this time) and kung-fists side by side. ()



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English The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires is indeed a peculiar culmination of the entire Hammer series, but I must say that it's a conclusion that I didn't outright dislike; in fact, I quite enjoyed it. Peter Cushing maintains his standard here, and even the story set in the Chinese environment doesn't look that bad. I'm not exactly overflowing with enthusiasm, but I don't consider The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires to be a bad movie. ()

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