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Pausing to admire a window display of his own books, distinguished horror writer Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes is attacked by a desperate vampire, Eramus, faint from lack of sustenance. Assuring the startled victim that the neck bite was not deep, the grateful vampire takes him to the Monster Club wherein Eramus explains to Ronald the hierarchy and basic rules of Monsterdom, and illustrates his theme with three tales of toecurling terror. (Network)


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English The British horror movie The Monster Club is a kind of sad look back at the work of Hammer and Amicus, an example of how the studios had gone completely downhill at the time and were finished. This movie was just the final nail in the coffin, and even the actors who appeared in this movie deserved something a little better yet had no chance to shine. The Monster Club is just a bad anthology movie with three lackluster short stories. ()

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