The Vampire Lovers

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The vampire Countess Carmilla Karnstein (Ingrid Pitt) makes her way through the Austrian countryside creeping into the households of aristocrats and taking their daughters as victims. The families begin to catch on when a pattern of deaths in the area takes shape. Vampire hunter Baron Hartog (Douglas Wilmer) is called upon to put an end to Carmilla's wicked ways and end the legacy of terror the Karnstein family is known for. (Final Cut Entertainment)


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English A very enjoyable Hammer adaptation of Le Fanu's classic in all respects. It’s charming in the acting, and straightforward in design. The subtle lesbian touch sometimes turns very explicit. The peculiar marriage with the original text is also priceless. As a result, it is possible to accept the change of location and the imperfectly-applied historical narrative. The Karnstein Trilogy started so promisingly... It's just hard to choose whether Ingrid Pitt was more suited to Carmilla or Bathory. ()

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