Demons 2

  • USA Demons 2: The Nightmare Is Back (more)

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Unleashed through the TV and bringing Hell direct to your living room. Resurrected out of the dark forbidden zone, the world’s ugliest demons are causing carnage in an apartment block, eating the residents and spreading their deadly plague. Watch as a teenage birthday girl ruins the party by eating her guests, see bodybuilders torn to shreds and tremble in terror as possessed children run amok. Will anyone survive or will the demons rise once more and destroy us all? (Arrow Films)


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English "Dèmoni 2... l'incubo ritorna" is a film that has quite a lot in common with its first installment, to the point where one could speak of self-plagiarism, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a fantastic B-movie entertainment that will impress even the more demanding viewers, as the film is simply beautiful in terms of its special effects. It is precisely where the film loses on its script that it gains in the effects and masks of the individual demons. ()

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