Night Is the Phantom

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Kurt Menliff (Christopher Lee) has returned to his father's castle only to find that the servant woman (Harriet Medin) has developed an inexplicable fondness for a glass container with a dagger inside. Believing that Kurt is responsible for her daughter`s death, she longs for him to suffer like she did for his sadistic pleasure. Meanwhile, Kurt`s passion for sadism knows no borders as he subjects his sister (Daliah Lavi) to a beating with his horse`s whip. As she lies on the beach, clothes-torn and wailing with masochistic pleasure, the terrified horse tries to avoid the incoming tide. (Odeon)


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English It seems that gothic Italy works on me much better than gothic England. I really love the way Italian filmmakers play with colours. At times, the castle walls are red, then they are green… that helps a lot with the atmosphere. Add to that a demonic Christopher Lee and the result is very nicely above average – though weaker than, for instance, Kill, Baby, Kill, but still worth it. ()

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