The Spider's Stratagem

  • Italy Strategia del ragno
Mystery / Drama
Italy, 1970, 100 min


The film is about the story of Athos Magnani, son of an Italian resistance hero who was killed in 1936 by fascists, according to the legend. Magnani travels from Milan to Tara, the city where his father lived, by the request of Draifa, one of his father’s mistresses. Together they try to uncover the mystery behind the hero’s death. (Guadalajara International Film Festival)


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English This is a film that absolutely confirmed to me that I'm just not that interested in films that don't have a plot. Yes, it's possible to view a film differently, not just as a storytelling form, just like literature isn't just about storytelling. But for me, such a film simply doesn't hold as much value as something with a plot. I'm sorry, but if it weren't for this being in the book "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die," I would never watch it. ()


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English The son of Athos Magnani, Athos Magnani (Jr.), arrives for the first time in his life in the small town where his father became a sanctified hero of the anti-fascist resistance before dying decades ago. His arrival and search for the true story of his father's life and death awaken many skeletons in the conscience of the local hypocritical residents. Lies in the name of courage, cowardice hiding behind heroism, worshiping false idols (first fascist, then anti-fascist), people who don't change at their core, and dealing with oneself through one's father. Italy dealing with itself. And the ending must not deceive us - the story of the town of Tara is not just an isolated story "at the end of the world." Intentionally interrupted narration with numerous flashbacks complements the visual delights created by excellent camera work. ()


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