Spanish black comedy written and directed Pedro Almodóvar. Carmen Maura stars as Gloria, an embattled Spanish housewife trying to cope with her dysfunctional family in a tiny apartment in Madrid. Her two sons have become drug addicts and taken to dealing, her taxi-driver husband Antonio (Ángel de Andrés López) is totally indifferent to her plight, her grouchy mother-in-law has moved in with her pet lizard and her friend and neighbour wants her to help in her prostitution service. Deeply unhappy with the way her life is going, things become even more complicated for Gloria when Antonio is contacted by his former girlfriend Ingrid (Katia Loritz). (StudioCanal UK)


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English A funny comedy about a woman whose family didn't turn out well and she is faced with one issue after another. Pedro Almodóvar could have done better, and especially the script could have been refined even more, but in the context of overall film production, it is undoubtedly an above-average film. Overall impression: 75%. The film is worth watching at least for the outstanding Carmen Maura, as it is a magnificent acting concert by Almodóvar's favorite actress. ()

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