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Animated feature set on the Italian Riviera during the 1950s and 60s. Luca Paguro (voice of Jacob Tremblay) is a human-like sea monster who leads a lonely existence under the surface of the water with his parents, who do all they can to protect Luca from the human world. One day Luca meets a fellow sea monster, Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer). The two boys quickly strike up a relationship and Alberto encourages Luca to leave the sea and explore the land with him. What follows is an adventure that neither boy will ever forget. But as they travel and interact with the human population Luca's parents set out to retrieve their son. (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)


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English I was afraid it would be worse. In the end, it's a passable animated one-shot about a boy's friendship, but it's not quite what I'd expect from an animated film. For one thing, there's a lack of proper action, there's damn little humour (I can't imagine the kids having much fun with it), and the animation is traditionally fine, but nothing groundbreaking. Raya and the Last Dragon and The Mitchells vs. the Machines are two levels above and closer to me in genre and theme without question. Still, Luca is alright to kill a boring evening. Story 3/5, Action 2/5 Humour 3/5 Violence >No, Fun 3/5 Music 3/5, Visuals 4/5, Atmosphere 2/5, Suspense 2/5. 6/10. ()


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English I was kind of waiting for the peach scene, unfortunately it didn't come, but the immersive setting of an Italian fishing village sufficiently compensates for the banal story. It’s not the best Pixar, but it’s an enjoyable Pixar. ()



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English Viewers are used to getting deep, adult-oriented animated films from Pixar, in which imagination is not limited, and therefore Luca will seem like the work from another studio, as it is a modest and flatter piece, which doesn't lack freshness and also has a touch of action and humour. In fact, the central pair of "monsters" could also be made up of a "non-fantastic" pair of young boys who explore a new and hitherto unknown world, while a friendly bond develops between them. For an hour and a half, we are immersed below and above water in a world with a distinct but not garish Italian colour, and embark on a journey of (self)discovery. Younger audiences will be entertained by the funny antics of the main characters and certainly by the insidious Macchiavelli, while adults will be attracted by the parallels with today's society, where minorities still do not have it easy. A weaker four stars! ()

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