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POMOTexas Chainsaw 3D(2013) 

In the old days, after watching Tobe Hooper’s original, I longed for it to last another hour and a half. I wanted to keep riding that wave of horror and never leave. Texas Chainsaw 3D follows the original in that spirit… (more)

J*A*S*MTexas Chainsaw 3D(2013) 

This should never have happened. It’s such an incredibly stupid film (and by that I mean the whole thing, not just the temporary illogic behaviour of the characters that’s common in horror) that I think that not even… (more)

lampsTexas Chainsaw 3D(2013) 

One fine chase, the very fine boobs of Alexandra Daddario and an unbearable pile of screenwriting garbage and idiocy. It has pace and even atmosphere at times, but compared to the brilliant original, it doesn't feel… (more)